Barely Autumn & The Bland: Neues aus Belgien und Schweden!

Gerade ein Jahr ist es her, dass BARELY AUTUMN sein aktuelles Album veröffentlicht hat!

Anlässlich des Albumgeburtstages erscheint der Track „Innocence“ im Remix von Afrikan Sciences.

„New York based experimental electronic producer Afrikan Sciences made a brilliant remix of our track ‚Innocence‘. So proud to finally be able to share it with the world! Afrikan Sciences is one of the most progressive and refreshing electronic artists that I know. He’s influenced by a wide spectrum of musical genres, ranging from modern experimental composition and jazz to Afrofuturism and hip hop.
I know: not an obvious choice for a Barely Autumn remix, right? But to me, those are usually the most interesting ones. Even though we make indie rock, we listen to music in almost every genre out there. As long as it’s good.
To me, it’s an honour to have one of my songs remixed by someone with a track record as inspiring as Afrikan Sciences. And what better time to release it than the 1 year anniversary of our debut album? Enjoy, and spread the word!“

Und ab November könnt ihr euch auch in Deutschland davon überzeugen:
10.11.2018 (DE) Köln, Kulturcafe Lichtung
11.11.2018 (DE) Hamburg, Astra Stube
14.11.2018 (DE) Hannover, Rocker
15.11.2018 (DE) Berlin, Duncker
16.11.2018 (DE) Neubrandenburg, Last Orders
17.11.2018 (DE) Sandhatten, Alte Post